Welcome to Mint

Mint Salon Studios is a fresh approach to a guest-centered experience, provided by entrepreneur stylists. 

We've developed a unique environment to bring independent stylists together in one space, to better serve the people we care most about. YOU! 

Our mission at Mint is to cultivate a relationship between guest and stylist that allows us to help you achieve your goals in and out of the salon. We are committed to making sure each client is listened to and cared for from the moment you set foot in the building. Our hope is that you feel as good in our space as you do out of it!


 Erin gentile 

Christina Johnson

Find Your Perfect Match 


Our team each work as independent stylists, meaning we handle our own appointments and scheduling individually.

We are happy to assist you in finding the stylist that is best for you. Check out our Stylist page here To see which stylist might be right for you! You can also click the button below to go directly to our booking site to schedule an appointment. We can't wait to take care of you!


20324 Veterans Drive

Suite 102

Elkhorn, Nebraska 68022

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Interested in being a part of Mint?

Mint Salon Studio is a group of independent stylists that enjoy being in a team environment. We love collaborating with fellow artists and know that we offer a better guest experience when we have a strong team behind us.

There are so many talented artists in our industry and we've designed a space that builds community among us. we love that the stylists we work with enjoy being entrepreneurs, but also enjoy working side-by-side other like-minded individuals. 

The foundation of Mint Salon Studio is the idea that everyone deserves to feel good about who they are and how they look. This isn't only meant for our guests, we want this for our team too.

Our mission is to help stylists pursue their dream career in a place where their guests feel like their number one priority.